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The Masters Degree Advantage

You've worked to mold the futures of your students for years. Isn’t it time you thought about your own future? With an online master’s degree in education from the WGU Teachers College, you can secure a better future online, on your schedule, and on your budget.

You’ll start seeing the benefits immediately. A master’s degree often means an increased salary (an average of $10,000 more per year), job security, and retirement benefits. You’ll also notice an immediate improvement in your teaching skills. You’ll be able to reach your students in new ways and maximize the impact of every lesson. Your specialized knowledge and skills will not only benefit you, but also benefit your students and the school districts in which you teach.

Is Online Learning for You?

Earn an NCATE-accredited master's degree in education on your schedule!

A teacher’s time is valuable. Make the most of yours by earning an online master's degree from WGU. The WGU model is based on competency, not classroom hours.

A degree from WGU tells employers you are a demonstrated, effective, practiced, and highly competent teacher. Our programs are recognized for being both rigorous and high-quality. Why choose WGU?

  • The WGU Teachers College is the first exclusively online university to receive accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
  • It’s affordable—tuition for a six-month term is only $2,890 for most programs
  • The competency-based approach is flexible and personalized letting you take advantage of prior experience to accelerate your program
  • With our flat rate tuition, if you can accelerate your program you will save money
  • Scholarships and financial aid are available to those who qualify
  • WGU is a nonprofit university; this means our main focus is providing you with the best educational value that will prepare you for the career you’ve always wanted

As a teacher, you’re in a competitive job market. Stand out in the crowd with an online master’s degree in education from WGU:

See what Teacher of the Year; Nikki Skinner has to say about WGU:

“[WGU] was exactly the answer I was looking for to complete my graduate degree. I needed a flexible program that could accommodate my schedule and still allow me to teach full-time. Being able to go to school on your own schedule is the reason WGU works for so many working adults. Last year my mother developed cancer, I was teaching, attending WGU, and dealing with my own housing crisis. If it wasn’t for the flexibility WGU allows, I would have had to drop out. This degree is a step up. I’ve made a commitment to be more than the average teacher, I’m evolving. I have had supervisors tell me I’m a master teacher. With this degree, I now feel this title is appropriate.”

-Nikki Skinner, WGU M.A. in Science Education Graduate

See for yourself how a degree from WGU can advance your career. Click here to request more information today!

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