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by Maribeth Boelts
illustrated by Noah Z. Jones

Finders keepers, right? When Ruben picks up someone’s lost money, he finds out how hard it can... more about this book

Getting kids to enjoy reading was something Ted Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, was passionate about. His philosophy and his books are why America’s teachers and the... more about this book

by Ruth Herman Wells

In seconds, you can purchase, own and solve your worst “student problems.” The “Breakthrough Strategies to Teach Troubled Youth... more about this book

by Jane Straus

The mysteries of grammar and punctuation are revealed in this easy-to-use reference guide and workbook. "Four stars for its... more about this book

by Linda LaTourelle

"The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating Kids II" is a delightful look at elementary school. Containing 384 pages, it offers the best... more about this book

by Marjan Glavac

“Learn How To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Your Students And Inspire Them To Do Their Best For The Rest Of Their Lives With... more about this book

by Susan Catalano and Evie Bolante

Frustrated that you were given the child who was the topic of discussion in the staff room? Ever wondered how to... more about this book

by Rob Johnson

You’re about to receive all the skills and techniques you’ll ever need to successfully deal with any child any group and any behavior... more about this book

by Dr. Paul Dennison

Brain Gym brings joy into children's learning by offering realistic, useful, and highly successful Brain Gym movements and... more about this book

The book focuses around creating educational activities in Drupal, with lots of examples of realistic courses and classroom ideas and how to implement them... more about this book