Absolute Value

Understanding the concept of absolute value & how it relates to the number line. Using proper notation.

Compare and Order

Ordering a set of signed numbers from greatest to least, & from least to greatest -- with & without the number line.

Integer Addition

Absolute value may be a pre-requisite for this lesson. Learning integer addition with like & unlike signs.

Integer Subtraction

Subtracting an integer by adding its opposite. Problems with like & unlike signs are presented.

Integer Multiplication

Leaning integer multiplication with like signs & unlike signs. Students learn to multiply up to three factors.

Operations with Integers

Reviewing & Applying the rules for all four operations (mixed review format).

Practice Exercises

Completing additional exercises as practice. Assessing students' understanding of all integer concepts presented.

Challenge Exercises

Solving additional problems that challenge students' understanding of integer concepts. Problems make connections to the real world and hone students' problem-solving skills.


Reviewing complete solutions to all exercises presented in this unit. Includes the problem, step-by-step solutions, & final answers for each exercise.