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Classroom Technology For All Your Students

One of the key things that teachers in the 21st century have to do in order to give their pupils a good education that will help them in today's world is to ensure that they have "no child left behind" when it comes to digital technology. All your students should be able to bridge the digital divide and know how to use the tools of communication, doing business and finding information of today. And the way you use your classroom technology will have a lot to do with this.

ClassTime Schedule: A new iPad App for Teachers

Since buying an iPad™, I have been looking for applications to help me in my teaching practice. One application that is essential for a teacher is a . I soon discovered that nothing was available that fit my needs, so I decided to design my own. My first app is , a 21st century replacement for written lesson plan books. Before I developed ClassTime, I usually took my planning binder home on the weekends to plan for the following week; now I can record my plans on my iPad at home or at school.