The Benefits of Completing an Online Degree

Teaching is a full-time career, but thanks to cyberspace, you don’t have to journey far from home to pursue an advanced degree. Just point your Web browser at an accredited Internet-based virtual institution and engage in advanced academic study by taking courses online.

Online distance learning for a higher education degree offers several advantages over traditional classroom instruction. This is especially true if you live in a remote location where there are no universities or community colleges, or you’re saddled with a full-time teaching load and family obligations.

  • Convenience. You don’t waste time commuting. All activities take place in front of your computer. There’s no waiting in line at the library Reserve Desk.

  • Unlimited Course Offerings. If you’re interested in a particular subject that isn't offered at a local educational institution, you can probably find an equivalent offering at an accredited online institution.

  • Flexible. You can attend class from the comfort of your home or anywhere there's an Internet connection. The “campus” is open 24-7.

  • Self-Directed. You learn at a pace that's right for you. Instructional materials posted on the Web can be downloaded for review at any time, printed, or even imported into your favorite word processor for annotating with personal comments.

  • Group Learning. Courses often include discussion forums, message boards, and email access to faculty and fellow classmates so you can easily ask questions and collaborate with others on your learning team. You don't have to wait for class time or office hours to ask your questions.

So get with the program and experience the benefits of an online degree for yourself! You can let your fingers do the walking and your keyboard do the talking while earning advanced credits at times that suit you best.

About the Author: Carol S. Holzberg, PhD, Shutesbury, Massachusetts ( is an educational technology specialist, computer journalist, and anthropologist, who also works as Technology Coordinator at three schools in Western Massachusetts

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