Mini Paint Easy Packs!

S&S Presents Paint Mini Easy Packs! We now carry several varieties of paint mini easy packs. They are referred to as Easy Packs because they make paint distribution a breeze to any size group.


• Paint can be messy with any group of children. Their idea is the more paint available, the more they use. Give them just what they need and they will waste less and save you money in the end. When helpers in the paint project pour paint into containers for the group, they often fill the container and then much excess paint goes into the trash after the project is finished. Even if it does get poured back into the container, the paint may be contaminated with bacteria, so a cleaner method is to just pour out what the kids will need. This is often times hard to judge, so by passing out the small bottles and some trays, they can be instructed to pour only a dime size blob of paint each time they need some.

• These paint bottles are just the right size for two people to share.

• They take a lot less space in storage.

• Bottles may be reclosed to store and save.

• Many, many projects require just a little bit of painting to decorate them and using these small bottles is a great convenience.

• Since they are in an actual bottle with a screw top, they are much less likely to dry out than the old style paint strips. Paint stays fresher longer.

You can find great Paint Mini Easy Packs in the Arts & Crafts Activity Packs Section on S&S Worldwide website at

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