History Jokes: Part 5

    What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?

    Did they play tennis in ancient Egypt?
    Yes, the bible tells how Joseph served in Pharoah's court!

    The Spanish explorers went round the world in a galleon.
    How many galleons did the get to the mile!

    What did Paul Revere say when he got on his horse?
    Giddy up horsey!

    Wish I had been born 1000 years ago 
    Why is that
    Just think of all the history that I wouldn't have to learn!

    My teacher reminds me of history 
    She's always repeating herself!

    What do history teachers make when they want to get together?
    What do they talk about?
    The good old days!

    Who was the biggest thief in history?
    Atlas, he held up the whole world!

    What did Noah do for a job?
    He was an arkitecht!