Did you know that Africa is the world's second largest and second most populous continent? Asia is the first. Africa has just under twelve million square miles and covers about 6% of the Earth's total surface area. It also accounts for almost 15% of the world's population with one billion people.

The African continent has 54 sovereign states. The largest of which is Algeria. The smallest country is Seychelles. Of course Africa is also a vast country with both desert and jungle areas. It has more than 3000 protected areas and that doesn't include marine protected areas and reserves. It is home to thousands of unique species and is often thought to be home to the origin of humans. In short, Africa is a tremendously rich continent full of history, wildlife and culture.

Teaching Resources for Africa

Teaching your children about Africa can be a very fun unit. There are so many topics to discuss and facts to discover. You might start with a short unit on Swahili. Teach your young students about the geography of the country about the biodiversity and the vast wildlife. You can also enjoy a unit on the variety of cultures and traditions in Africa. Finally, it may be a nice unit to lead into a unit on conservation and protecting natural resources.

However, you decide to approach teaching about the amazing African continent, Teacher Planet has the resources you need. Use the lesson plans and teaching resources to bring order to your unit. Use the clip art, worksheets, hands on activities and printables to really help your children embrace the knowledge.