Fundraising Ideas for your Classroom

Surprise Teacher Getaway Raffle. Nearly half the school’s 380 students entered favorite teachers and staff into a
drawing that featured a parent-donated four-day vacation..

The Cheverly Truck Touch. Kids buy $3 tickets to explore a fleet of construction, emergency, safety, and farm vehicles parked in the school lot..

Kids' Community Guide: Cool Things to Do With Kids. The school publishes and gives away this 50-page family guidebook, raising money through ad sales.

Annual Variety Show. Audiences filled the house five times last year (at $6 a head) to watch parents and school staff perform themed music and dance numbers..

The Tiger Trek. Students earned pledge money by walking laps around the school soccer fields for half an hour; walkers who brought in $20 or more were entered in a drawing to win sports equipment..

Bike-a-thons and trike-a-thons / MiracleMarathons / Serve-a-thons / Read-a-thons / More Bake Sale Bucks /