American Revolution

The American Revolution, perhaps the single most important war in America's History, didn't begin with a single act on a single day. Rather it was an era of fighting and disagreements with England that began in 1763. The war actually lasted for 20 years, finally winding down in Yorktown Pennsylvania in 1783.

The famous Battle of Bunker Hill wasn't until 1775 and many other notorious battles weren't until much later in the era. It is, of course, a war that framed America and established states and the Declaration of Independence. Much of the country's government was established then and is still in place to this day.

Bringing the American Revolution to Your Classroom

A classroom unit on the American Revolution can be an overwhelming unit to teach. There are so many dates to remember, concepts to absorb and important moments to explain. When children are very young, understanding the significance of the American Revolution can be a challenge.

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