April Fools

There are many holidays to be celebrated in the classroom and April Fool's Day is probably one that you can't escape. Children naturally love to play jokes on one another and this holiday gives them the perfect excuse. Why not embrace the holiday in your classroom and have a bit of fun with the students and teach them at the same time!

April Fool's Day is also known as All Fool's Day. It is a holiday that is celebrated around the world. They even celebrate it in Japan, Russia, and South Africa. This means that while you and your students play jokes on each other, you can also teach them about other cultures and traditions.

A Little Fooling Around In Your Classroom

Start your April Fool's Day with a joke or prank of your own. Children will certainly not expect their teacher to play a joke on them and it can be truly fun. If you're stumped for ideas, Teacher Planet has a few ideas for classroom jokes and pranks.

You can also take advantage of their April Fool's Day lesson plans, worksheets, clip art and English as a Second Language Resources. Whether you enjoy this holiday or not, it is an opportunity to teach and have a bit of fun with your students.