Back to School

What's more fun than back to school? It's a great time full of excitement, anticipation and, of course, expectations for both teachers and students. For teachers it means a time of preparation.

You not only need to prepare your classroom for returning students; you have to organize your entire year of lesson plans, grading, systems and activities. Children, of course, need to gather their supplies, back to school clothing and organizational materials.

Teachers, like yourself, need to decorate the classroom and create initial activities and programs. Consider using some of the lesson plans, activities, clip art and movies to help you start off the new school year right.

Get Started on the Right Foot with Educational Resources and Teaching Tips

Take advantage of the abundance of educational resources available at They include everything from "getting to know your young student" to "how to get free school supplies." Icebreakers, grading plans and parent communication tips can help, too! Engage young minds and have an easier year doing it.