Black History Month

Black history month actually began as black history week. It was actually started in 1926 by Carter Woodson and the goal was to educate Americans about notable African Americans and their achievements. Black History Week actually became a nationally recognized month in 1976 and is celebrated in February. During this time all Americans are invited to learn about African American inventors, scientists, athletes, entertainers and the rich history of the African American culture. African History Month Classroom Resources Much of your classroom studies during black history month may center on the civil rights movement. It's a notable time filled with important events and people. For example, a lesson on Rosa Parks is sure to be memorable to your young students, as is Martin Luther King Jr. You can also teach about the Underground Railroad. You'll find black history teaching resources available at Teacher Planet. In addition to lesson plans, you'll also find clip art, worksheets, and additional teaching resources all designed to help you bring black history month to your classroom.