When Christmas time comes around it can be difficult for children to focus. It's an exciting time filled with vacations, family outings, caroling and the promise of presents. For teachers it can be difficult to harness all that energy and get your students to focus. However, the Christmas season also presents excellent learning opportunities. From simple clip art to comprehensive lesson plans, we're here to help you integrate this major holiday into your classroom.

Educational Resources to Teach Your Students about Christmas

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to expose your young students to traditions in other cultures. While it is a religious holiday, it also embodies many cultural customs. This is a wonderful opportunity to expose your students to how other people celebrate. And of course putting a picture Santa or presents on any worksheet or activity helps children get excited and engaged. That's where a handy list of printables and clip art can become extremely useful.

Our list of resources also includes songs, a variety of lesson plans, worksheets and a complete list of teacher resources. This year, help your children embrace the true meaning of Christmas. Teach them about tradition, expose them to a variety of cultures, and use the holiday to make all your lessons fun.