Election Day

Election Day is always the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. It has been this way since congress instituted a national day for choosing elected officials in 1845. Originally, states had the entire month of November, until the first Wednesday in December, to hold their elections. However, the system was changed in 1845 to one single national Election Day.

It's an exciting day that's often full of discussion, drama and of course, democracy. It's actually a wonderful day to help your children learn about and embrace the democratic system.

Teaching Resources for Election Day

One great way to help children learn about the democratic process and the importance of Election Day is to hold your own classroom election. Children can vote for the president and learn who the favorite candidate is in their class. Of course presidential elections are only relevant every four years. On non-presidential election years you can bring Election Day into your classroom by holding other elections.

It's also an opportunity to learn about past presidents and how our system of democracy works. You can teach children about the three branches of government and why they were created. You can find fun Election Day worksheets and activities at Teacher Planet. You can also take advantage of the teaching resources and Election Day lesson plans.