Fairy Tales

What's your favorite fairy tale? Everyone has one. Most children will likely say Frozen, Lion King or some other "Disney" fairy tale, but you know there's much more to fairy tales than these timeless stories. Once you open the door to discussing fairy tales there are so many amazing directions you can take it.

For example, "Where did fairy tales come from?" The oldest known documented fairy tales come from Egypt and date around 1300 BC. You might also talk about different fairy tales from other cultures. You could even have a writing unit where children create their own fairy tales and read them in class. And a discussion about fairy tales could easily lead into a class room unit on Shakespeare.

Where Do You Start When Teaching Fairy Tales?

Because there are so many options when it comes to teaching fairy tales, a little direction might help. Take advantage of the numerous lesson plans devoted to fairy tales and available at Teacher Planet. You can also find worksheets, clip art and teaching resources. Help your students move beyond the fairy tales they see on television and in the movies to explore the amazing world of fairy tales.