France, while not the most populated country by any means, has more than 65 million people. It is also the most heavily visited country in the world with more than 50 million tourists visiting the country every year.

Why so many visitors? One reason is the country's dedication and efforts to preserve the art, culture, and architecture of the country. Of course the food, wine, and countryside also play a role in why people flock to France. Historically, France has been and continues to be an international center for culture and art.

Teaching Your Young Students about France with Classroom Resources

France has a rich political history and has played an important role in many international decisions, wars, and events. It also has a rich religious history. Teacher Planet offers access to lesson plans designed to help you teach and discuss the many facets of this country.

For example, you can find lesson plans on Bastille Day, Napoleon, and even on French castles. You can also find activities and worksheets which help children engage their mind. Clip art, printables and additional teaching resources also help you round out your unit on the country of France.