For most young students, Halloween ranks right up there as one of their favorite holidays. What's more fun than dressing up and eating candy, right? As a teacher you already know that when children are engaged and excited it's a perfect time to learn. Halloween presents a great opportunity for teachers of both elementary and middle school classrooms.

Halloween Teaching Resources

The right combination of fun and education helps children learn. Halloween and Halloween themed lesson plans can help you teach everything from creative writing to physics - those pumpkin drops are great fun and an excellent way to teach about gravity and momentum!

Halloween also comes with a rich history and an opportunity to teach about different cultures. And for the youngest of children it's also a prime time to teach about personal safety. Here at TeacherPlanet.com you will find exciting lesson plans for a variety of Halloween unit themes.

You'll also find clip art, worksheets, activities and an abundance of classroom resources. Halloween makes learning fun. Whether you're teaching a math unit or you're focusing on creative writing, a little spooky fun can help your students learn.