Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration that coincides with the Christian celebration of Christmas. Hanukkah is a sacred celebration. Antiochus stopped services in the temple and effectively outlawed Judaism. He ordered an altar to Zeus to be erected in the temple. A massive revolt ensued.

The people won their revolt and successfully rebelled against Antiochus. Afterward, the Temple was purified. They only had enough oil for one day of lamp burning, yet the sacred oil lasted for eight days. This miracle is the reason for the eight day celebration of Hanukkah.

Teaching Your Young Students about Hanukkah

The Hanukkah celebration is a series of rituals and traditions that span the eight days. It's a perfect opportunity to create eight mini-lessons for your students. Hanukkah also provides an opportunity to teach your young students about other religious, cultures and history.

Teacher Planet offers useful resources for teaching about Hanukkah. In addition to lesson plans, you can also find and use worksheets, hands on activities, clip art and an abundance of teaching resources to help you share the culture, traditions and celebration of Hanukkah.