Human Body

Engage young students in the wonders of the human body with exciting activities, worksheets, clip art, printables, and comprehensive lesson plans. Designed for teachers of elementary school and middle school children these educational resources help you capture the attention and interest of your students as they discover the human body.

An Abundance of Classroom Resources

As children discover the intricacies of the human body they begin to see themselves in a new light. It's a great way to help your students appreciate and begin to take responsibility for their own health. You'll see a spark light up inside them as they learn about how the ear works or they begin a journey through their circulatory system.

The human body unit is often the starting point for a child's budding interest in science and biology. Hands on activities really bring the lessons home for a child. At you'll find a wealth of classroom resources all created to help you bring your human body unit to life for your students. You'll also find an abundance of information to help you create the lesson plans that fit your classroom and your teaching goals.