Immune System

The immune system is something that most children, and many adults, take for granted. They don't understand that there is an intricate system inside the body, a layer of defenses, which strive to protect humans from infection and illness.

However, children do know that they don't like to be sick. They also often know that how they treat their body has an effect on how well they fight germs. In order to have a strong immune system, proper nutrition is essential. Also, good sleep, exercise and healthy habits like washing your hands are all important.

Additionally, there are certain foods and habits that can strengthen the immune system and protect people from infection and illness.

Classroom Resources for Teaching About the Immune System

Teaching about the immune system can be part of a large unit on the body. It can also be part of a unit on health and healthy habits. It's a great opportunity for children to learn how to stay healthy and also to appreciate how amazing their body is. Even discussing how the body responds to a simple paper cut demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the immune system and the human body.

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