India aka the Republic of India is located in South Asia. It's an extremely populated country with more than 1.2 billion people. It is also the seventh largest country by area. It is also a recent democracy having been ruled by the United Kingdom until 1947. Mahatma Gahdhi led them to independence through a non-violent resistance. It's also one of the top ten largest economies.

India has 28 states and seven union territories. It's a country with diverse people and a diverse environment. The Himalayas and the Thar Desert are both part of the environmental diversity

Teaching About India with Teacher Planet Classroom Resources

India has a diverse history and culture. Teacher Planet offers lesson plans and teaching resources to help you get organized and present the information you want to your young students. Teach about village life in Indai, explore the art and culture of India, explore the Taj Mahal or discuss the ecology and animal life. You can also take advantage of the clip art, printables, worksheets and hands on activities to add interest and help each child embrace the knowledge in their own unique way.