Medieval Times

The Middle Ages are also commonly referred to as Medieval Times. It's a time in European history that spans from the fifth to the fifteenth century. The Middle Ages are commonly divided into three main time periods. They include Classic, Medieval, and Modern. Medieval being from about

During the Medieval Times, art and culture flourished. It was a time of notable art and architecture. The concept of courtly love was also developed and popularized during this time. (We can thank Chaucer for much of that.) It was also a time where religion played a significant role in the lives of both philosophers but also in general society. The Crusades took place during the Middle Ages.

Teaching About Medieval Times

In your classroom unit on the Middle Ages and Medieval Times you have a broad expanse of topics to cover. In addition to art, culture, philosophy, and religion you can also discuss the way of life during that time.

Unless you were a knight or on the king's court, life was hard. Feudal life and Feudalism are an important lesson of a unit on the medieval times. Teacher Planet offers worksheets and activities to help teach about life during the Middle Ages. You also have access to teaching resources and lesson plans.