Nervous System

The human nervous system is a system of nerves that begins in the brain and is part of every area of your body from your fingertips to your eyes, from the skin on your toes to your bones, tendons and ligaments. The nervous system is designed to help humans perceive the world around them and to keep them safe.

A simple example of the human nervous system is when your finger or hand gets too close to a heat source and you instinctively pull back. Your brain and nerve endings feel the heat and signal your muscles to retract your hand.

Teaching the Human Nervous System

Teaching the human nervous system is a big job. It's a complicated system that can be difficult to teach. Teacher Planet is here to help. Beginning with the lesson plans you can teach the nervous system to your class room in an easy and enjoyable way. Add worksheets, clip art and activities to really help your young students absorb the science and learn the concepts. Finally, take advantage of the teaching resources to add depth and additional learning to your unit on the nervous system.