New Years

Happy New Year! The New Year is the time of year where adults make resolutions to improve their lives and get rid of their bad habits. Most children don't really have an appreciation for a resolution but they can have an appreciation for this holiday.

The New Year offers an opportunity to teach about time, calendars, and other cultures, including the Chinese New Year. As a teacher you can embrace this unit with a creative activity like writing a poem. It's also a great opportunity to teach time and math skills.

New Year's Eve also offers the opportunity to discuss traditions in other cultures. Every country has their own celebrations for the holiday. For example, celebrations in the US often include fireworks. In Austria the Blue Danube is played at midnight, rather than Auld Lang Syne.

Teaching Resources for New Year's Eve

Because the New Year is such a celebrated holiday, it's a great time for fun classroom activities. Worksheets and clip art can help you bring your message to your classroom. TeacherPlanet has a wealth of New Year's activities for your classroom as well. Check them out!