The Book of Ester from the Bible tells a story of a king who was planning to kill the Jews. His plan was foiled and a day of celebration ensued. That day of celebration is called Purim.

The day is celebrated with readings from the Scroll of Ester. There are also prayers and celebratory meals. The four main obligations of the day include:

Attending synagogue and listening to public readings from the Book of Esther. Sending food and gifts to friends, charitable donations and a celebratory meal are also part of the day's festivities.

Teaching Your Young Students about Purim

Purim is usually celebrated in March. Teaching about this holiday can be part of a unit on religion or religious history. It can also be part of a unit on the history of Persia and the political history of the Jews.

Teacher Planet offers Purim lesson plans, teaching resources and worksheets and activities to help you teach your class about Purim. Use these handy resources to help create a comprehensive study of religion, culture, and Jewish tradition.