Snow and Ice

Many children have heard that there are no two snowflakes alike, however they probably don't know that there are different types of snowflakes. The temperature and humidity both play a factor in the type of flake that is formed. Snow and the science of snow provide an abundance of opportunity to teach math and science to your young students.

When your students think about snow they imagine snowmen, snowballs, skiing, skating and sledding. They don't think of cloud formations, weather patterns, measuring snow or how crystals form. It's your job to teach them and boy, can this be a fun unit!

For the young children you might consider making snow cones or start with a craft making snowflakes and hang them around the classroom. Older children can explore the weight of snow, what causes snow and even learn about avalanches.

Classroom Resources About Snow

You can teach your students about snow using fun and creative resources. offers lesson plans, units, clip art, worksheets and activities all designed to help your classroom learn about snow. There is even an extensive resource list for you to peruse and find those key elements to make your snow unit a success.