Spring Season

Spring season

Chances are your students have a strong association with spring. They know it's a time of flowers, changing weather and of course it signals that school will be out soon. Spring of course is one of the four seasons. It's that lovely time when the snow stops falling, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and in a colder climate, and the weather starts warming up. The days get longer too.

The first day of spring is usually around the 20th of March. It's also called the Vernal Equinox. The season actually got its name because the longer days and warmer weather cause flowers and plant life to "spring" up.

Celebrating the Arrival of Spring in Your Classroom

Just because your young students know that it is spring doesn't mean that they understand exactly what Spring is. For example, they might not know that Spring weather in the northern hemisphere is drastically different than weather in the southern hemisphere. They may also not understand why the traditional springtime weather patterns pick up.

The wind's usually kick up in the spring. It rains more and the air warms up. It's the perfect time for a lesson on weather and science. Of course it's also a good time for a creative writing exercise or a study of how spring is celebrated around the world. Teacher Planet offers some fantastic Spring teaching resources.