Valentine's Day

What's better than a day that celebrates love? It is after all what makes the world go round. Valentine's Day, celebrated annually on February 14th, was traditionally a religious holiday. It was added to the Christian calendar in the late 400s. However, in 1969 it was removed from the calendar. It still remains a celebrated holiday.

Who is St. Valentine? Actually, the holiday was named after several St Valentines who were all Christian Martyrs. However, it wasn't until the Middle Ages that the holiday began to resemble the holiday it is today a celebration of courtly love.

Teaching Resources to Celebrate Love in Your Classroom

Teaching about Valentine's Day can be fun and a bit tricky. After all, it's easy for children to get carried away when expressing their affection! But it can also be a really fun day. Common classroom celebrations include crafts, sharing treats and valentines and enjoying a Valentine's Day party.

Teacher Planet has tools and resources to help! From lesson plans and activities to printables and clip art you can find everything you need to bring this holiday to life for your young students. Word Scrambles, lesson plans and even fun and original arts and crafts ideas - it's all there for the taking. Check out the vast resources for teaching Valentine's Day this year.