Winter Season

The winter season brings fun opportunities to teach about weather, cultures and the science of snow. While not all regions get to experience snow, it's still fun to teach about the coldest season of the year. Because the nights are longer during the winter season and the days are shorter, this magnificent season also provides an opportunity to teach about time and our solar system.

Winter lesson plans can also effectively lead into other classroom units. For example, many animals change their coats to adjust to the seasons and animal habitats become important. Depending on the age of your students, a discussion of winter can also lead to a mythology or symbolism unit in your creative writing and languages plan.

Classroom Resources for Teaching the Winter Season

Winter is also a great time to learn about cultures. For example, you might use a winter lesson plan to teach about winter traditions and celebrations. Clip art, activities and worksheets all make teaching winter and integrating it into your curriculum much easier. Explore the educational resources found at including lesson plans, worksheets and printables. Help your students enjoy and embrace this chilly season!