Crazy English Animal Idioms

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    To horse around

    Definition: to play around

    EXAMPLE: I wish the children wouldn't horse around at the supper table.

    EXAMPLE: The athletes like to horse around after practice.

    Cat got your tongue

    Definition: can't you talk

    EXAMPLE: Can you answer the question or has a cat got your tongue.

    EXAMPLE: Cat got your tongue?

    For the birds

    Definition: uninteresting, meaningless, unimportant or boring information/event

    EXAMPLE: The movie was for the birds, so we left at the intermission.

    EXAMPLE: The lecture was for the birds. We didn't learn anything!


    Definition: something/someone suspicious

    EXAMPLE: I left my money right here. Now it's gone. Something is fishy here.

    EXAMPLE: Those men with the guns and masks lookfishy to me.