Crazy English: Body Parts

To keep (an) eye on

Definition: to watch or guard something or someone

EXAMPLE: I can't go to the movies. I have to keep an eye on my little sister.

EXAMPLE: I can only keep eye on your dog for the afternoon. I must be home for supper.

To shake a leg

Definition: to hurry

EXAMPLE: Please shake a leg or we'll be late.

EXAMPLE: If Tim doesn't shake a leg, he might miss his bus.

To pull someone's leg

Definition: to fool someone

EXAMPLE: Theodore told me that he was a millionaire. I think he was just pulling my leg. It is untrue that Theodore is a millionaire.

EXAMPLE: Your mother did not understand that you were pulling her leg. She believes that you are going to France for the summer.

To get off someone's back

Definition: to stop bothering someone

EXAMPLE: Get off my back or I will report you.

EXAMPLE: If Time does not get off Tara's back, he might get a slap in the face.