Crazy English Clothes Idioms

    Up one's sleeve

    Definition: hiding something

    EXAMPLE: She is planning a surprise. I wonder what is up her sleeve...

    EXAMPLE: Everyone thought that the game was lost, but the coach of the football team had something up his sleeve.

    To keep it under your hat

    Definition: to keep a secret

    EXAMPLE: I will tell you where my sister is hiding if you promise tokeep it under your hat.

    EXAMPLE: It is important to keep this information under your hat until next month.

    Dressed to kill

    Definition: wearing clothing that makes you look great (usually your best clothing)

    EXAMPLE: They looked like they weredressed to kill at the disco.

    EXAMPLE: At her last interview, she looked as though she weredressed to kill.

    To knock one's socks off

    Definition: to excite or surprise someone

    EXAMPLE: The latest government taxes knocks my socks off.

    EXAMPLE: The end of the play knocked the audience's socks off.