Funny Classroom Stories


It was my third or fourth year teaching in a rural school community. My assistant principal was coming in one morning to "observe" my teaching of money to my second graders. I was a bit nervous so I made sure that my overhead projector worked properly and that all students had materials on hand that were needed for the lesson. He comes in and I take a deep breath thinking....he'll only be here for 20-30 minutes. I turned on the overhead projector and realized I had not pulled down the screen on the chalkboard. So, I reached over to pull it down and the screen pulled right off the wall knocking me onto the floor. My assistant principal sprang up to help me and couldn't stop laughing (the kids are in a hush). He had to take over my class so I could get the nurse to bandage my head. I ended up with a mild concussion and a day out of work. He promised never to tell me when he was coming in again and made sure that my screen would not be able to leap off the wall!


I was substituting for a friend's Kinder class and we were out at recess... The children were playing football with an imaginary football. One of the students came over to me and complained that the other kids wouldn't throw the football to him, and that they were not sharing. I told the little boy he should just get his own imaginary football, but he wanted to play with the other kids. When he complained again, I called the kids over to me and told another little boy to give me the football. He looked at me like I was crazy, but then proceeded to toss me this invisible ball. I told them to go back and play, but there was to be no more football, basketball or baseball for the day, and left a note for my friend that the "football" was locked away in her closet.... We all got a good giggle out of this for the day... Hope you enjoyed it as well.