Funny Geography Answers: Part 1

    This collection is derived from students answers to geography test questions.

    Climate is caused by the emotion of the earth around the sun.

    The people of Japan ride around in jig-saws.

    The plains of Siberia are roamed over by the lynx and the larynx.

    Lindberg is the capital of Germany.

    The chief animals of Australia are the kangaroo, larkspur, boomerang, and peccadillo.

    The inhabitants of ancient Egypt were called Mummies.

    Don Juan is a town in the West Indies.

    Germany is an industrial country because the poor have nothing else to do, so they make lots and lots of factories.

    Where is Alaska? Alaska is not in Canada.

    Spain's national music is the cascarets.

    What people live in the Po Valley? Po people.

    In Pittsburgh they manufacture iron and steal.

    In Athens there is a temple called the Pancreas.

    The Alimentary Canal is located in the northern part of Indiana.

    Georgia was founded by people who had been executed.

    When we cross the Hudson River we come to the United States.

    Where is the greater part of Europe? In New York.

    The principal export of Sweden is hired girls.

    The Indian squabs carry porpoises on their backs.

    Among the enduring remains of Egyptian civilization are pyramids and obsequies.

    The writing of ancient Egypt was called hydraulics.

    Rome had a fine defensive position, being seven miles from the mouth of the Tiger.

    The seaport of Athens is Pyorrhea.

    The Greeks wore scandals on their feet.