Funny Geography Answers: Part 2

    In what general direction to the rivers of France flow? From the source to the mouth.

    The general direction of the Alps is straight up.

    Manhattan island was bought from the Indians for about $24, and now I don't suppose you could buy it for $500.

    The United States are mostly populated by people.

    The State of Virginia was named for the Virgin Mary, who afterward married Captain John Smith.

    What is the sound west of the State of Washington? The sound of the ocean.

    Canadians raise boll weevils for their wool.

    Where is Cincinnati? First place in the National League.

    Floods from the Mississippi may be prevented by putting big dames in the river.

    Denver is just below the 'o' in Colorado.

    They don't raise anything in Kansas but Alpaca grass, and they have to irritate that to make it grow.

    The benefit of latitude and longitude is that when a man is drowning he can call out what latitude and longitude he is and we can find him.

    Virginia is the mother of President Wilson and is also noted for her hysterical sights.

    The chief products of the Hawaiian Islands is rainfall.

    Philistines were inhabitants of the Philippine Islands.

    The original tribes of Central America were the Axtecs, the Celts, and the Morons.

    New Zealand is a democratic country. they passed a law there preventing women from sweating in the factories.

    Malays are brown generally and inhabit Malaria.

    The climate is hottest next to the Creator.

    The Kaffirs of Africa are a very savage race. In times of war they beat their tum-tums and can be heard for miles around.

    The American Indians travel in birchbark canoes on little streams of water that they make themselves.

    The state flower of Colorado is the concubine.

    The soil of Prussia was so poor that the people had to work hard just to stay on top.

    The Mason line is the line running north of the Equator and the Dixon line is south.

    In the west, farming is done mostly by irritating the land.

    Oceania is a continent that contains no land.

    There is a great deal of nothing in the center of Australia.

    Asked to name six animals peculiar to Arctic regions, a boy replied, "Three bears and three seals."

    Climate lasts all the time, but weather lasts only a few days.

    Latitude tells how hot you are and longitude tells how cold you are.

    The Menai Straits are crossed by a tubercular bridge