Funny Geography Answers: Part 3

    Sienna is famous for being burnt.

    The climate of Bombay is such that the inhabitants have to live elsewhere.

    The sun never sets on the British Empire because the British Empire is in the east and the sun sets in the west.

    The trade of Spain is small, owing to the insolence of the people.

    The Eskimos are God's frozen people.

    The sun sets in the west and hurries around to the east to be in time to rise the next morning.

    Name three animals peculiar to frigid regions. The lion and the giraffe and the elephant are peculiar to frigid regions, but the polar bear and the seal and the walrus live there.

    People go to Africa to hunt rhinostriches.

    Glaciers spread a murrain over the land.

    The highest peak in the Alps is the Blanc Mange.

    The Equator is a menagerie lion running around the earth and through Africa.

    Imports are ports very far inland.

    Nearly at the bottom of Lake Michigan is Chicago.

    The chief occupation of Perth is Dying.

    The inhabitants of Moscow are Mosquitoes.

    The Pyramids are a range of mountains between France and Spain.

    A mountain range is a cooking stove used at high altitudes.

    An Indian Reservation consists of a mile of land for every five square Indians.

    The only signs of life in the Tundra are a few stunned corpses.

    Among the islands of the West Indies are the Pyjamas, noted for their toilet sponges.

    Lipton is the capital of Ceylon.

    The population of London is a bit too thick.

    Persian cats is the chief industry of Persia, hence the word purr.

    The Mediterranean and the Red Seas are connected by the Sewage Canal.

    New York is behind Greenwich time because America was not discovered until very much later.

    Henry VIII had an abyss on his knee which made walking difficult.

    Certain areas of Egypt are cultivated by irritation.

    Zanzibar is noted for its monkeys. The British Governor lives there.

    A watershed is a shed in the middle of the ocean where ships shelter during a storm