Geography Diner Joke

    In the Diner

    Waitress: Hawaii, Mister? You must be Hungary.

    Gent: Yes, Siam. And I can't Romania long, either. Venice lunch ready?

    Waitress: I'll Russia table. What are you Ghana Havre? Aix?

    Gent: You want Tibet? I prefer Turkey. Can Jamaica cook step on the Gaza bit?

    Waitress: Odessa laugh! Alaska, but listen for her Wales.

    Gent: I'm not Balkan. Just put a Cuba sugar in my Java.

    Waitress: Don't you be Sicily, big boy. Sweden it yourself. I'm only here to Serbia.

    Gent: Denmark my check and call the Bosphorus, Egypt me. There's an Eire. I hope he'll Kenya. I don't Bolivia know who I am!

    Waitress: Canada noise! I don't Caribbean. You sure Ararat!

    Gent: Samoa your wisecracks? What's got India? D'you think this arguing Alps business? Why be so Chile? Be Nice!

    Waitress: Don't Kiev me that Boulogne! Alemain do! Spain in the neck. Pay your Czech and don't Kuwait. Ayssinia!

    Gent (to himself): I'll come back with my France and Taiwan on Zanzibar is open.