Jokes for Your Students #04

Teacher: What are the Great Plains?
Pupil: 747, Concorde and F-16!

Son: I can't go to school today. Father: Why not?
Son: I don't feel well
Teacher: Where don't you feel well?
Son: In school!

A history joke
Why did Henry VIII have so many wives?
He liked to chop and change!

Teacher: I'll call you Fred Smith then.
Pupil: My dad won't like that.

Teacher: Why is that?
Pupil: He doesn't like people taking the Mickey out of my name!

A history joke
What was the greatest accomplishment of the early Romans?
Speaking Latin!

Teacher: That's quite a cough you have there, what are you taking for it?
Pupil: I don't know teacher. What will you give me?

A history joke
Why did Arthur have a round table?
So no one could corner him!

A history joke
Who invented King Arthur's round table?
Sir Circumference!

Teacher: You aren't paying attention to me. Are you having trouble hearing?
Pupil: No, teacher I'm having trouble listening!