Member Submitted Jokes #2

Submitted by michelle

  • My first grade class was asked to write a letter thanking their mum/dad/gran for something they had done for them over the school holidays.  Amidst the "thanks for taking me to the park"'s came Johns letter... "Dear Gran, thank-you for doing everything that I tell you to do."

Submitted by Alexa & Chantel

  • TEACHER:how do YOU spell cat? 
    TEACHER:the dictionary spells it c-a-t 
    TOM:but you asked how I spelled it! 

Submitted by N. Rowe

  • Students are required to have a hall pass to enter the building before school.  I was on duty one morning when a student started to enter the building without a hall pass. When I asked to see his hall pass, he pulled out a dollar bill.  I said, \"Sorry, but Mr. Washington will not get you into the building.\"  Then I said, \"How about a Benjamin?\"  He was unable to produce a hall pass or a \"Benjamin.\"  Needless to say, he was not able to get into the building that morning.

Submitted by K. Wilson

  • Recently we, in Washington state, had over 24 hours of rain. Several school districts closed or had late starts due to floods and high waters.  One was the school district of Concrete, WA.  Our school remained open and on time.  As they do each morning, our secretaries began calling homes of absent children.  When they reached one family, they asked why their child was not in school.  He seemed a bit puzzled and said, " I heard on the radio that all concrete schools were closed."  Our school building was constructed with concrete, and various materials.  Our secretaries quickly taught a mini geography lesson.

Submitted by Miss L. Ferrigno

  • One day I was preparing the computer for the children to use during center time. I had a student eager to use it. As I tried to open the program for the child the computer froze. I turned to my team teacher and said we need the technician because the "Computer is frozen" the eager four year old student looked at me and said "It's frozen and it has to melt." My partner and I thought this was so cute. i just thought I'd share this with you.