One Liner Jokes for Teachers

Why did the teacher marry the janitor? 
Because he swept her off her feet! 

Why were the teacher's eyes crossed? 
She couldn't control her pupils! 

Why did the teacher write the lesson on the windows? 
He wanted the lesson to be very clear! 

What is the center of gravity? 
The letter "V" !

What is the Great Depression? 
when you get a bad report card

Why don't you see giraffes in elementary school? 
Because they're all in HIGH School! 

Who should be your best friend at school? 
Your princi-pal! 

How do you spell Hard Water with 3 letters? 

What school do you greet people in? 
Hi School ! 

Why was the students report card all wet? 
Because it was below C ( sea ) level. 

What is 5Q + 5Q? 
10Q ..... and You're Welcome! 

Why did Johnny take a ruler to bed? 
Because he wanted to see how long he slept!