School Dress Code Jokes

The dress code at our school is simple
if you're not taken for one of the teachers, you're in trouble.

Our school has a strict dress code. 
The only time we can dress the way we like is on Halloween.

We have a very simple dress code at our school. 

Anything that's comfortable or looks cool is illegal.

We have a very strict dress code at our school. 
Yesterday my lunch was punished because they said the brown paper bag it came in was offensive.

Our school has a very strict dress code.
Laced shoes, pressed trousers, shirt and tie and that's just the girls.

Our school adopted such a strict dress code that the first week, 
three of the teachers were kept after school.

My parents are very relaxed.
I can wear anything I want provided I don't leave the house.

Our school has a simple rule as a dress code. 
If your parents wouldn't wear it, then you can't.

One kid in our class is a real sloppy dresser. 
He tried to give some of his old clothes to Good Will. They gave them back.

One kid wears clothes that have so many rips, 

he can clip his toenails with his shoes and socks still on.