Science Jokes: Part 2

TEACHER: Linda, what is a vacuum?
PUPIL: I can't think of it just now, but I've got it in my head.

Did you hear about the deer who took a test?
He did so well, the teacher passed the buck.

TEACHER: How fast does light travel?
PUPIL: I don't know, teacher, but it gets here too early in the morning.

TEACHER: Will you tell me how fast light travels?
PUPIL: The same way slow light travels.

TEACHER: Do you realize that light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second?
PUPIL: Sure, it's downhill all the way.

TEACHER: Which is faster, hot or cold? 
PUPIL: Hot. You can always catch cold.

TEACHER: To which family does the lion belong?
PUPIL: I don't know, teacher. No family in ourneighborhood owns one.

How do scientists count atoms?
They atom (add them) up.

What do atomic scientists do when they have time off?
They go fission (fishin').

It's a good thing it was adults who split the atom.

Well, if one of us kids did it, they'd make us put it back together again