Science Jokes: Part 3

TEACHER: Who is Isaac Newton?
PUPIL: I have no idea, but I've heard of his brother, Fig.

TEACHER: Tell me which law of physics stops your car.
PUPIL: When my father is driving, it's usually a policeman who stops our car.

TEACHER: Tell me why the law of gravity is useful.
PUPIL: If we drop something, it's much easier to get it off the floor than off the ceiling.

TEACHER: What type of animal is the bat?
PUPIL: It's a mouse who went to pilot training school.

TEACHER: What does the term "extinct" mean? 
PUPIL: A dead skunk.

FRED: What happened to the skunk who backed into the electric fan?
HARRY: He got cut off without a scent.

TEACHER: What is H20? 
PUPIL: Water. 
TEACHER: What is H204? 
PUPIL: To drink.

TEACHER: What is a chemical formula?
PUPIL: That's what married chemists feed to their new baby.

FATHER: Did you finish your chemistry experiment?
SON: Yes with a bang.

TEACHER: What was that loud noise I just heard?

PUPIL: I think that was the chemistry class flunking their exam.