Summer School Jokes

    JOKE #1 - Todd Bary on Summer School

    I never understood the concept of summer school. The teacher's going to go up there and go, 'OK, class, you know that subject you couldn't grasp in nine months? We're going to whip it out in six weeks.'


    Top Ten Signs You Are Headed For Summer School

    10. You failed the Pledge of Allegiance

    9. You take notes with the eraser end of the pencil

    8. You identify more than half of the state capitals as "Funkytown"

    7. Principal's final words before summer break: "See you tomorrow"

    6. For your civics class project, you brought in several photos of Honda Civics

    5. Whenever you enter the room, your family stops talking about Disneyland

    4. Your history report was on President Martin Sheen

    3. In your physics final, you keep referring to "gravity" as "gravy"

    2. Latest report card includes several G's

    1. You threw a phone at the principal