Air Pollution Worksheet Activity Book

1. Before reading – The teacher should help students to familiarize themselves with the key terms to be learnt in this unit. Students look at the key terms (with Chinese equivalent meaning) and match the key terms with the appropriate meanings/definitions in English.

2. Activity 1 – Crossword Puzzle. This activity requires students to read descriptive sentences intensively. The puzzle clues describe the atmospheric pheonomenon caused by air pollution. Students read the clues and work out the words for the specific pheonomena in the descriptions.

3. Activity 2 – Word Splash. This activity helps students to see the semantic relationships between the new vocabulary items. Students use the words to complete a concept map about the key ideas of this topic

4. Activity 3 – This activity involves information search and application of information to daily life cases. Students make judgement with the use of their own knowledge and available information.

5. Activity 4 – This activity involves reading comprehension and using data. Students read about international collaboration in fighting air pollution and what has been achieved in Hong Kong. They will then review the actions taken by the government.

6. Activity 5 – This activity involves editing skills with the use of knowledge learned from previous activities. Students will be guided with cued questions and have to provide appropriate information accordingly.