How many times a day do you measure or estimate the measurement of things? If you're ordering a coffee at the coffee shop you may order it by ounces. As you drive you'll estimate your stopping distance. If you're baking or following a recipe you'll measure ingredients. And if you have school aged children, you're probably asked to measure them on a weekly basis – they want to know how much they've grown.

Learning to measure and evaluate the quantity, distance or volume of things is part of everyday life. Children often measure things without realizing it. For example, they may decide they want a half a glass of milk. They use their eyes to measure and pour out a half of a glass.

Classroom Resources for Teaching Children to Measure

One of the best ways to teach children to measure is through actual hands on activities. It helps them embrace the concepts you're teaching. You can find a variety of measurement teaching activities at Teacher Planet. You can also find lesson plans, work sheets, and clip art all devoted to teaching measurement. To further enhance your classroom experience, take advantage of the additional teaching resources including a manual for teachers.